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谷歌浏览器插件Tixio 个性化新标签页 支持云端及团队协作同步

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Organize your online tools and information. Synchronize and standardize your information with your team.
Tixio.io is a cloud based personalized start page that is a bookmark manager for your team.

You’re able to sync you info with groups and users. Get one of the best productivity utilities applications on Chrome! With Tixio, you can use features including:

★ Share & Sync
Publish the board you want to share. Sync it with your team, to standardize the information your team uses.

★ Company wiki
Create content to show your team how stuff is done in your team. Less questions from your team means more time spent on making money!

★ Custom integrations
We want to hear from you, so we can create new widgets you want. Looking forwad to talk to you !

some other features:

✔ The best bookmarks manager
✔ Sync Bookmarks Cross Browsers, teams and users
✔ Drag and Drop bookmarks to organize it your way
✔ Bookmark Manager Edit Mode
✔ Bookmarking Made Easy
✔ Did i mention, it is the best tab manager
✔ New awsome features added all the time!

Tixio v0.0.0.15