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谷歌浏览器插件Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper 团队书签协作工具

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Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper是一款团队书签协作工具,方便抓取网页内容和分享。不管是视频、博客帖子的链接还是截屏、图片表格都能应付,Shelf支持对收藏的内容进行标记。

This collaborative bookmarking tool is the best way to capture and share web content within your team or across your organization.
Evernote and Pocket made it easy for individuals to curate collections of web content. Shelf takes this same power to the next level for group collaboration. Shelf improves the way that content is organized and found so important links don’t get lost and buried. Shelf enables your group to:

– Grab anything in a flash: YouTube videos, blog posts, screen grabs, LinkedIn profiles, infographics, and more.
– Organize your web links alongside documents in folders, subfolders, personal libraries, group libraries, and an organization library.
– Find content by keyword search or filter by: date, user, folder, tag, source, content type, and more. Your can even use keyword search and filters together for more advanced searches.
– Users can even import or sync content from Google Drive or Dropbox

Eliminate the hassle of searching for the same links over and over again. Save everyone time and frustration by using a collaborative web clipping tool specifically designed for teams and large groups of people.

Shelf Collaborative Web Clipper v2.20.0