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谷歌浏览器插件Tabs Outliner 标签管理插件

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Tabs Outliner这个插件在浏览器旁边新建一个窗口,把所有的标签页按照域名归类放好,我们知道如果Chrome打开了超过十个标签页就会变得非常恐怖:你已经看不清楚标题了。有没有过因为标签页无序杂乱而导致重复打开了很多个相同标签的情 况?如果你使用Tabs Outliner,情况就会有好转。如果你想要查找标签页的话就会更方便,这款插件更适合宽屏电脑使用。

The Next Generation Session Manager; A Really Working Too Many Open Tabs Solution; And Your Browsing Notebook.
Tabs Outliner is a fusion of tabs manager, session manager and an tree like personal information organizer. It’s also embed instruments that greatly help reduce open tabs count by making possible easily annotate and close-save open windows and tabs in their original context. And what’s more important – allow then working with there saved tabs practically in the same way as with open ones, thus greatly reducing resources usage.

It also implements one of the best ways to handle crashed sessions – an unfortunate reality for users with a habit of accumulating hundreds of open tabs.

Tabs Outliner v1.4.137


Tabs Outliner v1.4.141