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谷歌浏览器插件Markdown Viewer(Markdown 阅读器)

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Markdown Viewer是一款Markdown 阅读器。
✔ Renders local and remote URLs
✔ Granular access to remote origins
✔ Multiple markdown parsers
✔ Full control over the compiler options
✔ Themes (including GitHub theme)
✔ GitHub Flavored Markdown (GFM)
✔ Auto reload on file change
✔ Syntax highlighted code blocks
✔ Table of Contents (TOC)
✔ MathJax and Emoji support
✔ Remembers scroll position
✔ Markdown Content-Type detection
✔ URL detection using RegExp
✔ Toggle Content Security Policy (CSP)
✔ Override page encoding
✔ Settings synchronization
✔ Raw and rendered markdown views
✔ Free and Open Source

✚ Local Files

1. Navigate to `chrome://extensions`
2. Locate Markdown Viewer and click on the `DETAILS` button
3. Make sure that the `Allow access to file URLs` switch is turned on

✚ Remote Files

1. Click on the Markdown Viewer icon and select `Advanced Options`
2. Add the origin that you want enabled for the Markdown Viewer extension

✚ Compiler Options

✔ Compilers: Marked, Remark
✔ Documentation: https://github.com/simov/markdown-viewer#compiler-options

✚ Content Options

✔ Features: Autoreload, TOC, Mathjax, Emoji, Scroll
✔ Documentation: https://github.com/simov/markdown-viewer#content-options

✚ Full Documentation


Markdown Viewer v3.9


Markdown Viewer v3.9

Markdown Viewer v5.1.0.0