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谷歌浏览器插件Craigslist Helper for Inoreader (Inoreader Craigslist订阅助手)

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Craigslist Helper for Inoreader是一款RSS辅助插件,可以获取你的Craigslist RSS feeds,在Inoreader中使用这个扩展,安装前请确保已经安装Inoreader
由于Craigslist屏蔽了RSS阅读器访问提要的所有标准方式。Craigslist Helper for Inoreader 这个Chrome扩展,可以获取您的个人RSS提要并将它们发送给您的Inoreader

Read your personal Craigslist RSS feeds with this extension inside Inoreader

Recently Craigslist blocked all standard ways for RSS readers to access their feeds. We have developed this Chrome extension that can fetch your personal RSS feeds and send them to your Inoreader.
Get all offers related to your saved searches and other Craigslist needs in one place – just install the extension and Inoreader will check your feeds to deliver results in your account whenever your browser is active.

We’ve built the Craigslist Helper as a collaborative extension – feeds polled by one user will also be updated for all other subscribers. This means the most popular subscriptions can sync to your account even when your browser isn’t active.

Craigslist Helper for Inoreader v0.9.10