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谷歌浏览器插件Workona Tab Manager 浏览器标签管理工具

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Workona Tab Manager 是一款浏览器标签管理工具,支持分类功能,它的设计就能很快地在各分类间切换,另外还提供储存分页但不打开的选项、分享分类给其他人,非常好用,跟OneTab类似,有些方便更好用一点,看看你习惯哪个,想提升工作效率的人来说很值得一试。

安装好插件会跳转到官网,workona 使用前须注册帐号,可选择使用邮箱的方式注册,点击“sign up with your email”就可切换到使用邮箱注册。

Workona Tab Manager

注册号账号后,接着在Chrome 插件这边就能操作了。接着需要建立分类名称,免费版最多可以建立10 个,可输入中文名称:

Workona Tab Manager1

安装完这插件之后,Chrome 的新分页就会被它取代,不过你也可以手动关闭(把右上角第一个关闭),刚建立的分类也会出现在最左侧,这时你就可以开始新增你要的网页。点选分类名称可快速切换,浏览器的分页也会自动变化:

在任何分页底下开启的网站,都会自动储存下来,也提供只储存不显示的功能,只要把该分页拖拉到右侧Resources 中,左侧可以新增分类,不过免费20个个人还是觉得够用了,背景图也超好看的,还可以定制。

Organize your work in the browser.
Workona helps you get your work under control and finally feel organized. Use it to manage tabs, organize projects, and bring together all of your work in the browser.

Learn more: https://workona.com

Workona has become one of my favorite tools. It’s changed the way I work.
– Wade Foster, CEO of Zapier


Workspaces organize your work by project, so it’s easy to stay focused. Within a workspace, you can keep your current work open as tabs, or save everything for a project as resources.

Tab manager
Keep your tabs under control with tab management that’s built for working in the cloud. Suspend tabs, rearrange tabs with drag and drop, and rest easy knowing that every tab is automatically saved.

Secure backups
You never have to worry about losing work, because Workona auto-saves all of your tabs. In case of a browser crash or other emergency, you can easily restore your tabs to get you back on track.

Access apps
Use your favorite cloud apps within Workona. Access your recent Google Docs, Asana Projects, Zoom Meetings and hundreds of other cloud resources, right from Workona. You can even create new cloud resources from the search bar.

Suspend tabs
Dramatically reduce memory usage and keep your computer running faster. Our tab suspension helps you open workspaces and switch between them almost instantly.

Bookmark tabs
Bookmark tabs in workspaces by adding them as resources.You can also choose to save an entire window as a workspace.

Search tabs
Our powerful search helps you find your tabs and docs faster. Search all open tabs—or previously open tabs—at a moment’s notice.

Sync tabs
Sync your tabs between computers to keep your work organized, no matter how many devices you use or where they are.

Workona Tab Manager v2.21.7


Tab Manager by Workona v3.1.26.0