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谷歌浏览器插件Spreed – speed read the web 网页快速阅读插件

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Spreed – speed read the web是一款快速阅读的辅助插件,以正常速度的两倍或三倍速度阅读。吸收知识,学得更快。
使用Spreed,这是同类产品中评级最高、最受欢迎的快速阅读扩展,在您的浏览器中快速浏览文本!Spreed在Amazon Kindle云阅读器、PDF和ePUBs中处理新闻文章、博客文章、电子邮件、书籍。
Spreed的工作原理是利用一种叫做快速串行视觉呈现(RSVP)的视觉技术,这种技术被世界上速度最快的阅读器所使用。之前推荐的Reedy 也使用了这种技术。Spreed可以帮助你消除你内心的声音,即所谓的“默读”,而过于专注于单词本身,这样你就可以更直观地阅读,这意味着在保持理解力的同时加快阅读速度。一般人的阅读速度是每分钟200个单词;使用Spreed,你可以很容易地训练自己以两倍的速度阅读,每分钟400个单词,甚至更快。想想你每天能节省多少时间!

Read at double or triple your normal speed, with Spreed. Absorb knowledge and learn faster.
Use Spreed, the highest rated and most popular speed reading extension of its kind, to speed through text in your browser! Spreed works on news articles, blog posts, emails, books in Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, PDFs, and ePUBs.

Spreed works by utilizing a visual technique called Rapid Serial Visual Presentation, or RSVP, used by the fastest speed readers in the world. Spreed helps you eliminate your inner voice that sounds each word out–known as “subvocalization”–and too much focus on the words themselves, so that you can read more visually, which means faster reading while maintaining comprehension. The average person reads at 200 words per minute; using Spreed, you can easily train yourself to read at double the speed, 400 words per minute, or faster. Think of how much time you’d save every day!

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Spreed – speed read the web v3.4.4