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谷歌浏览器插件Reedy 允许您以任何舒适的速度阅读

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Reedy 是一款辅助阅读的插件,Reedy使用了一种称为RSVP(快速串行视觉演示)的技术,允许您以任何舒适的速度阅读。单词一个接一个快速地显示在屏幕的同一个位置,这提高了每个单词的感知速度。有了RSVP,你可以全神贯注地阅读一本书。

Read all you want faster with Reedy for Google Chrome!
Start speed reading and you’ll be able to read books twice, three or even four times faster than you used to read!

Reedy uses a technique called RSVP (Rapid Serial Visual Presentation) allowing you to read with any comfortable speed. Words are shown fast one after another on the same place of the screen which increases the speed of perception of every single word. With RSVP you can read being entirely absorbed into a book.



• Select the text on the page;
• Click the right button and choose Reedy. You can also use the shortcut «Alt+S» while the text is selected.

Also you can launch Reedy without text selection. Just press Alt+S and hover your mouse over the block containing the text you want to read. The block will be highlighted in green. Click to start reading.



• Alt+S – launch Reedy (this shortcut can be customized);
• Space (or Enter) – play/pause;
• Right/Left – next/previous word;
• Ctrl+Right/Left – next/previous sentence (you can also use the mouse wheel);
• End/Home – go to the end/beginning;
• Up/Down – increase/decrease the speed;
• +/- – larger/smaller font size;
• Esc – close Reedy.

Reedy v2.2.14