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谷歌浏览器插件Send Anywhere 可在Gmail/Slack上共享50GBs的大文件

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Send Anywhere 是一款可在Gmail邮箱和团队协作工具Slack上共享大文件的插件,可以添加50GB的大文件。

Share large files up to 50GBs on Gmail/ Slack! More easy and efficient!
Attache large files on Slack or Gmail up to 50GB at once
Create and share a total of 1TB of links
Easily share a link created from other devices by signing-in

• Share files up to 10GBs without a download count limit
• For PLUS user, share files up to 50GBs without a download count limit
• Gmail attachments
• Add files on Slack
• Share PDFs in a browser
• Right-click image sharing

Shared Link is valid for 48 hours as default but PLUS user set expiration date as they want anytime in Web, App, and desktop app.
Uploaded files will be automatically deleted from the server over time.

Send Anywhere (For Gmail/Slack) v20.4.24


Send Anywhere (For Gmail/Slack) v20.9.15