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谷歌浏览器插件Email Finder 邮箱地址查找工具

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Email Finder 邮箱地址查找工具是一款可以在领英个人资料或网站上查找电子邮箱地址的插件,使用邮箱地址验证工具校验邮箱地址,并发送邮件。

This is an easy to use email finder with an inbuilt email verifier, email drip campaigns and a lot of free tools.

With Snovio Email Finder for Chrome you can find your prospective leads’ emails, put them into mailing lists to get replies and nurture leads automatically.

✓ Spare countless hours by saving email addresses and prospects from most popular professional networks, google search or any website you need using Snovio.

✓ Check email addresses instantly, without being charged for invalid emails; the email verification feature will make your bulk email lists bounce free.

✓ Send email drip campaigns from the application panel with a handy yet powerful drag-and-drop editor.

Add an email account and design triggered email sequences to follow up your prospects, save templates, and send emails to lists of found contacts from the web application.

✓ We also provide you with a boolean-string search queries generator for Google, LinkedIn, Github, Facebook, and others.

Snovio is a great email finder for many types of professionals. It makes things just easier for many people:
– Recruiters can extend their sourcing resources
– Sales managers can do better prospecting finding more email addresses and sending triggered email sequences.
– Marketers can find and research bloggers, journalists, websites owners and contact them in a few clicks.

✓ Besides email addresses we provide you with other structured information, enhancing your data so you can target specific positions within companies.

✓ Surfing websites and searching email addresses is easy with Snovio plugin. Visit any website, open our plugin and see email addresses along with extra information like names or positions (if available).

✓ Does not interfere with other email addresses lookup chrome extensions including most popular clearbit, hunter.io, rocketreach, scrapp and works alongside with them.

Before using our Email Finder be sure to read and agree to Snovio’s Privacy Policy https://snov.io/privacy-policy.html

Email Finder permissions
1.”tabs” – is using the chrome.tabs API (getting bookmark links, creating new tabs with our link, reloading open pages of app.snov.io)
2.”http://*/” – access to all sites to get page content (alternative to all_urls)
3.”https://*/” – access to all sites to get page content (alternative to all_urls)
4.”cookies” – session recovery via cookies from app.snov.io
5.”notifications” – to show push notifications (completion of background tasks)
6.”webRequest” – for automated information collection from web pages without direct opening of the pages by the user
7.”contextMenus” – to create a new item ‘Background tasks’ in the context menu of the extension

Join Snovio right now for a free plan and get 50 credits every month!

There are huge efforts behind Snovio.
We hope you will enjoy the app and would like to encourage you to express your thoughts and let us know about any issues via the website chat window or on help@snov.io.
💜 https://snov.io
Hope to see you onboard!

Email Finder 邮箱地址查找工具 v1.10.12


Email Finder 邮箱地址查找工具 v1.10.13


Email Finder 邮箱地址查找工具 v1.10.16


Email Finder 邮箱地址查找工具 v1.11.3


Email Finder邮箱地址查找工具 v1.11.13


Email Finder邮箱地址查找工具 v2.1.2