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谷歌浏览器插件Crystal 一款沟通辅助工具 对个人资料展示个性见要点

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Crystal 一款沟通辅助工具 对个人资料展示个性见要点
Crystal 一款沟通辅助工具 对个人资料展示个性见要点
Crystal 一款沟通辅助工具 对个人资料展示个性见要点

Crystal 是一款个性化插件,方便你在商务沟通中,能展示对方的个性信息,查看LinkedIn个人资料时展示个性见解卡片,访问电子邮件、电话和会议的实时建议。

Crystal is the app that tells you anyone’s personality. Improve your outreach strategy and sharpen your management skills with Crystal’s Chrome Extension. By analyzing public data and text, Crystal can generate personality reports for anyone. Learn how to adapt your communication style to different personalities, and take the guesswork out of cold calling, networking, and meetings with new clients or customers.

Crystal v10.3.2


Crystal v10.5.0.0


Crystal v10.12.16.0