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谷歌浏览器插件Edit with Sublime Text™ 编辑HTML元素的开发者工具

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Edit with Sublime Text™是一款支持实时编辑页面HTML元素的开发者工具插件。

Live editing text and HTML content of the page with the Sublime Text from the page context or DevTools.
With this extension, the content of an HTML node element can be edited in the well-known Sublime Text editor with real-time updates upon saving of the generated temporary file. It is also possible to use this extension to edit “TEXTAREA”, “INPUT[type=search]” and “INPUT[type=text]” elements externally.

There are three methods to send contents to the Sublime Editor

1. Use the toolbar button to activate the simple inspector. Then click on the HTML node. To cancel the operation, press the ESC key.
2. Use the DevTools “Elements” panel. A new sub-pane is added to this panel. Select “Edit as HTML”, then select an HTML node. When you are ready, press the button to open the content in the Sublime Text editor.
3. Right-click on a “TEXTAREA” and “INPUT[type=text]” element and use the context menu item.

Edit with Sublime Text™ v0.1.9