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谷歌浏览器插件Double Click Closes Tab 双击网页空白处关闭当前标签页

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Double Click Closes Tab这款插件的功能很有用,我们都知道当查找资料的时候都是开启了很多的标签页,标签关闭变得困难,要么“x”太小,要么需要切换到标签页才可以关闭。那今天介绍的这款插件是双击空白处即可关闭当前标签页。要注意是双击网页空白处关闭当前标签页(非双击标签)。


Double left/right or triple left clicks on WEBPAGE (not tab) to close tab. Reopen tab by shiftKey + DC/TC. Optional: an icon to…
VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: After installation, double click on the WEB PAGE (NOT TAB!) to close the tab (OR to be safer: change the options to use double right click or triple left click on page) – it’s actually faster than clicking on tabs. details see below.

To those wanting “double click on tab to close” – Google now made its own extension to do that and more. It uses a plugin mechanism that uses compiled binary code and presents a security risk unless you’re sure you can trust the author (of course coming from Google it’s likely fine). Without using such mechanism, Chrome extensions cannot receive tab events. Google’s extension is called Chrome Toolbox. As for the guy asking me why ChromePlus could do it – answer’s simple, ChromePlus is NOT Chrome. It has extra binary code too, and it’s not from Google.

Double Click Closes Tab v1.0.9