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谷歌浏览器插件Popup Tab Switcher 浏览器网页标签快速切换

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Popup Tab Switcher是一款快速切换网页标签的插件,当您按下快捷键(默认情况下为Alt+Y)时,扩展将显示一个弹出窗口,其中包含最近活动的选项卡(当前打开的网页标签)。通过按住Alt键并按Y键,可以循环切换到所选选项卡。这就像在Windows(Alt+Tab)和macOS(Cmd+Tab)中的应用程序之间切换。


Makes switching between tabs more convenient.
The extension shows you a popup with last active tabs when you press its shortcut (Alt + Y by default). You cycle through them by holding Alt and pressing Y. By releasing the Alt key you switch to the chosen tab. This is like switching between apps in Windows (Alt + Tab) and in macOS (Cmd + Tab).

Also, when you close an active tab, you will be placed to the previously active one. It is more helpful than the default Chrome’s behaviour, which activates the nearest tab.

You can delegate default switching between tabs by pressing Ctrl + Tab to the extension, see how https://github.com/dvdvdmt/popup-tab-switcher#replace-default-tab-switching-behaviour

NOTE: The extension tries to render its popup on the page wherever it is possible, but there are cases where it can’t do that:
* Chrome’s web store pages. The extension doesn’t work here.
* Special Chrome tabs such as Settings, New tab, History, etc. In this case the extension tries to switch a user from a special tab to a previous tab without showing a popup.
* The page has no focus (a user searches on the page, focused on address bar, etc.). In this case the extension shows its popup and starts a timer by the end of which it will switch a user to the selected tab.
* Files pages (URL starts with file:///). The extension can’t work on such pages without a special permission which you can turn on in Extensions > Popup Tab Switcher (Details) > Allow access to file URLs.

Popup Tab Switcher v1.7.6