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谷歌浏览器插件Quick ‘A’ – Tabs Switch 键盘快捷键快速切换网页标签

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Quick ‘A’ – Tabs Switch是一款快捷切换网页标签的插件,不只是标签切换,这款插件还比以往的很多插件提供了更好的使用体验,只需要键盘的快捷键即可切换。


MAC:Cmd + Shift + A
Windows或其他:Ctrl + Shift + A

Quick Access to all browser tabs
Search, group and navigate through all open browser tabs without a struggle. Improve your online productivity and save time on switching tabs.

Are you familiar with MacOs Spotlight search or Ctrl + Tab on Windows? Quick ‘A’ brings a similar user experience to your Chrome browser.

With the Quick ‘A’ too many tabs is not a problem anymore. Switch tabs like a boss 😎

+ Tab Search by title and domain name (just start typing)
+ Tab Grouping by a domain name
+ Full keyboard control, navigate without a mouse
+ Customize your quick key (chrome://extensions/shortcuts )
+ Two personalized layout designs adjusted for keyboard or mouse users

Feel free to suggest any new feature, I am reading every feedback to make Quick ‘A’ better :)

Why is Quick ‘A’ better than native browser tab navigation?

Made by shortcut user for shortcut users ❤️

Quick ‘A’ – Tabs Switch v1.0.0