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谷歌浏览器插件Convert Word to PDF将Word转换为PDF文档

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Convert Word to PDF是是个可以将Word文档转换为PDF文档的工具插件。

支持将PDF转换成Word, Excel, PPT
也支持将Word, Excel, PPT 转换成 PDF

The #1 Converter tool that supports PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, JPG. Convert PDF to different formats and vice versa in one click.
Smart PDF is a converter tool that simplifies working with documents and images in different formats. It’s a free service allows you to convert Word to PDF as well as Excel to PDF and vice versa.

Quick and easy access right from your browser Smart PDF processes documents in Word, Excel, PDF, PPT and JPG. Just select Word file and press convert to PDF in order to take needed format.

– Simply convert PDF to Word exactly right and accurately as well as vice versa.
– Convert PDF data to Excel to make it editable. Excel to PDF for easy reading.
– Convert PDF page into a JPG or all JPG images to PDF format
– PDF to Powerpoint and return it back in a second.

Smart PDF works with Google Drive and Dropbox. Just take your files from the cloud with opportunity to save them back to your cloud storage.

Friendly interface allows you to convert files quickly and easily. Take any format for free.

Easy-to-use PDF tools
Convert and edit your PDF files

PDF Tools and PDF Converters:
– PDF to Word, Excel, PPT
– Word, Excel, PPT to PDF
– Convert images to and from PDF
– Edit PDF
– Rotate and Delete PDF Pages
– Sign and Send PDFs for Signature
– Protect and Unlock PDF

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Convert Word to PDF v2.1.2


Convert Word to PDF v2.1.5


Convert Word to PDF v2.1.6.0


Convert Word to PDF v2.1.8.0