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谷歌浏览器插件WPS PDF Tools 在线阅读、编辑和转换PDF文件

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WPS PDF Tools是WPS Office的一个辅助插件,由WPS 官方开发,所以很推荐。


☆ PDF转Excel:将PDF文件转换为Excel/电子表格。

☆ PDF转PowerPoint:将PDF文件转换为PowerPoint(PPT)。

☆ PDF转图片:将PDF页面转换为图片。

☆ 组织:排序、添加和删除PDF页面。

☆ 压缩:减少文件大小,同时优化PDF质量。

☆ Word到PDF:通过转换文档和DOCX文件,使其易于阅读。

☆ Excel到PDF:通过转换Excel/电子表格,使其易于阅读。

☆ PowerPoint到PDF:通过转换PowerPoint使其易于查看。

☆ 图片转换为PDF:支持把图片转换成PDF文件。

☆ 签名:在PDF文件中添加签名。

If you like to read, edit and transmit PDF files online, this extension can provide many useful functions to you. If you use this extension and our PDF software together, you’ll get a better experience to edit files online and offline.
The extension now provides you with a free trial for the experience. A 7-day free trial with PDF Tools will let you experience the whole feature free of charge by all means.

☆ Merge: Combine files in the order you want.
☆ Split: Separate one page or a whole set for easy conversion into independent files.
☆ PDF to Word: Convert your PDF files to Word documents with incredible accuracy.

☆ PDF to Excel: Convert PDF files to Excel / Spreadsheets.
☆ PDF to PowerPoint: Convert your PDF files to PowerPoint.
☆ PDF to Picture: Convert each PDF page into a picture.
☆ Organize: Sort, add and delete PDF pages.
☆ Compress: Reduce file size while optimizing for maximal PDF quality.
☆ Word to PDF: Make DOC and DOCX files easy to read by converting them.
☆ Excel to PDF: Make Excel / spreadsheets easy to read by converting them.
☆ PowerPoint to PDF: Make PowerPoint easy to view by converting them.
☆ Picture to PDF: Convert pictures.
☆ Sign: Add a signature to the PDF file.

WPS PDF Tools v1.0