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谷歌浏览器插件Battle Tabs 在新标签页玩battles游戏

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Battle Tabs 是一款娱乐游戏插件,安装插件后可以在你的浏览器新标签页中与朋友或其他玩家一起玩经典的battles 游戏。

Multiplayer Battles in your New Tab
Play with Friends! Play classic battles with viking ships in your browser in the new tab with your friends and other players. Queue up multiple matches and play a few seconds at a time in-between studying / working!

Note: if you want to keep your default new tab view, you can also turn off the new tab mode in the settings and play using the browser button.

– Super Bite-sized Gameplay, Perfect for the Few Seconds You Have to Take a Break in-between Tasks
– Play with Your Friends!
– Intense Multiplayer Action
– Turn-based Classic Gameplay with a Twist
– Two game modes. Play Intense mode in real-time, or take longer turns in Casual mode.
– Queue Up Multiple Matches
– Vikings!
– and a Kraken

Battle Tabs v1.48.259