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谷歌浏览器插件VoiceIn 在网站的文本框中使用语音识别功能

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VoiceIn 是一款可以在网站的文本框中使用语音识别功能的插件。

With VoiceIn you can use speech recognition capabilities in ANY textbox on ANY website. VoiceIn uses Google’s speech recognition engine, the most accurate Speech To Text technology available today to let you voice type into any website.

After initial installation – it’s recommended to close and reopen the browser, so it can work smoothly on all opened tabs.

There are two ways to start dictation:
1) Simply place the mouse in the text-box, and then you can either right-click and choose Start-Recording from the popup menu, or,
2) Simply click on the extension’s button right to the address bar. VoiceIn works silently in the background and is always on.

Default recognition language is English-US.
To switch language go to the app’s options page on:

First time – you’ll need to give the extension microphone permissions.

** Note that the app is in Beta currently **

For dictating on Facebook, Stack Overflow, and some other specific websites, you might need to manually type in Space (using your keyboard) and only then start dictation. This is because these sites expects user’s keyboard input.

Would love to hear your feedback! If a particular site does not work or you have feedback, email us at support@dictanote.co
Created with love by makers of Dictanote (https://dictanote.co).

VoiceIn v1.0.35


VoiceIn v1.0.38


VoiceIn v2.0.2


VoiceIn v2.0.8