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谷歌浏览器插件Twitch Live当你最喜欢的Twitch.tv频道在线时接收通知提醒

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Twitch Live是一款专门针对Twitch.tv开发的插件,当你最喜欢的Twitch.tv频道在线时接收通知提醒。


Watch Twitch.tv and receive notification when your favorite channel is online.
Watch your favorites streams on Twitch.tv.

Add the channels to Favorites and receive notification when they stream.

Thanks alerts and audible signal you never miss the beginning of your favorite stream, and the choice of Google EN or Google RU audio alert will let you know without being distracted about which channels online.

If Google EN or Google RU incorrectly reproduces the name of your favorite channels – you can enter any suitable Alternative name.

Enjoy watching with TwitchLive!

Twitch Live v2.0.9.1