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谷歌浏览器插件Tracking Ads – BigSpy 侧重社交营销的广告跟踪工具

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Tracking Ads – BigSpy是一款营销辅助工具,帮你你监视广告和收集竞争对手广告的情报。主要侧重于社交流量,尤其是Facebook ads. 同时也提供Twitter ads SPY, Google Ads SPY, Pinterest Ads SPY, Instagram Ads SPY 以及Yahoo Ads SPY。

BigSpy-The easiest way to hunt ads for your preference. Extension to monitor Ads and gather intelligence on your competitor’s ads.
Track Ad creatives and collect Ads Campaigns of competitors by your preference.

This is a free tool, with tens of thousands of marketers globally.

You can see metrics of your tracked ads, and collect ads by your own preference, and be promptly reminded by notifications when big boost of tracked ads or new ads collected on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social platforms.

You are welcome to use more powerful function directly on https://bigspy.com.

More Ads you collect, more transparency the public get.

Tracking Ads – BigSpy v3.2.0