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谷歌浏览器插件Stackup 网上在线教育阅读插件

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Measure Online Learning.
Make Better EdTech Decisions. Increase Reading Outcomes. Uncover Students’ Passions. Transform Online Learning.

– Actively Read! highlight and annotate any web page.
– Click the Read Aloud button and Stackup will read the web page out load
– Stackup library filled with articles from across the web organized by subject and reading level

School Leaders use Stackup to measure how & where learning is happening on devices.
Teachers use Stackup to assign and measure online reading and learning in the classroom.
Students use Stackup to uncover interests & showcase the reading and learning they do online.

Stackup’s patent pending AI technology tracks when students are actually reading and engaged online with high accuracy. Stackup also calculates the reading level and subject area of every webpage. Browse the web normally and Stackup knows when you are engaged in content.

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Contact us – Team@stackup.net
Privacy policy – Stackup.net/privacy
Stackup is secure and COPPA & FERPA Compliant.

Stackup v4.0.4


Stackup v4.0.4-2020年12月19日版