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谷歌浏览器插件Smart Mute 让多个网页标签的音频在一个标签页播放

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Smart Mute 是一款可以让多个网页标签的音频在一个标签页播放的插件,非常好用方便,也许你以前遇到过这样的问题,打开一个网页正在播放音乐,结果查询资料打开的另一个网页马上又开始播放…… 后面你不知道是谁在发出声音。这样的情况让人很不爽。现在你有了Smart Mute 就不需要在烦恼了!

Listen to audio one tab at a time.
Tired of having multiple tabs play audio simultaneously?

Take back control of your audio experience with Smart Mute and listen to audio one tab at a time.

– This extension does NOT pause any media, it will only mute it.
– Short-keys and right-click settings are not currently available but are being considered for future release

Additional Features:

Mute / Unmute Tab
Individually Mute or Unmute tabs temporarily without having to Whitelist/Blacklist every website you visit.

Silent Mode
Prefer to browse the web in complete silence? Give Silent Mode a try. Silent Mode prevents any audio from playing in your browser. Pairing this feature with Smart Mute’s Whitelist feature can give you even more control of what you hear while browsing.

Enjoy listening to your favorite podcast or music playlist in the background while you browse the web? Ensure your listening experience never gets interrupted again by adding it to Smart Mute’s Whitelist.

Hate when websites have auto-playing videos and advertisements? Add those annoying sites to Smart Mute’s Blacklist and hear the sweet sounds of silence.

Additional Permissions Required
Smart Mute’s Whitelist and Blacklist feature requires access to website URLs. This information is used — in real-time — to compare the websites a user visits and those that are listed.

Smart Mute v5.4.3