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谷歌浏览器插件Shopify spy – shopify store parser & scraper将Shopify商店中的产品列表提取到Excel/CSV

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Shopify spy是一个产品搜刮工具,支持将Shopify商店中的产品列表数据提取到Excel/CSV,一个不错的爬虫工具。

Extract product listing from Shopify stores to Excel/CSV
Shopify Spy scrapes products from Shopify powered stores and saves as an Excel document.

Shopify Spy features:
✓ Can extract thousands of products within minutes
✓ Filter by a specific collection
✓ Save as XLSX (Excel document) with proper data types – dates, prices
✓ All fields from Shopify product listing are included
✓ Does not require excessive permissions

– Title(标题)
– Handle
– Description (in plain text)
– Created date and time
– Updated date and time
– Vendor
– Product Type
– Tags(标签)
– Max price
– Min price
– 5 product variants including title, price, discount price, and image URL
– 10 images
– all options

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