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谷歌浏览器插件Recipe Filter 网页核心内容提取及过滤

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Recipe Filter这个插件就是一个提高网页阅读效率的插件,可以过滤和提取网页上的内容,长篇大论,但是我们只需要其中重要的信息的时候,这款插件的功能显得尤为重要。可以把这个插件当成过滤器使用,去掉不相干的内容。

Recipe Filter seeks out recipes buried in pages and shows them to you in a handy popup.
This extension will detect recipes on any page you visit and will highlight them at the top of the page. Easy!

No more hunting for the actual recipe when you visit a long-winded food blog!

You can turn it off for specific sites if you find it’s not needed and edit the blacklist under “Options” when you right-click the green Recipe Filter icon in your toolbar.

This is an open source project: https://github.com/sean-public/RecipeFilter

Recipe Filter v0.3