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谷歌浏览器插件podStation Podcast Player 在电脑端听播客

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podStation Podcast Player 这款插件可以实现在电脑端听播客,下载Podstation并安装,播客节目库存很全,不仅可以变速听,还提供下载服务。

可以与Screen Shader | Smart Screen Tinting集成。

A podcast aggregator for Chrome
podStation is a simple RSS podcast aggregator (or should I say a podcatcher?).

Just add your feeds in the main page or use the search tool and be happy.

* Global media control support
* Fully functional audio player, it plays in background and offers control over the playback rate (speed), both faster and slower.
* Continuous play, go directly to the next episode when the current one ends.
* Playlist
* Podcast search (using www.podcastsearchservice.com and iTunes)
* Import your feeds from OPML files
* Detects feeds in pages you visit (the icon will change when a feed is found)
* Synchronize your data using your google account and use it in any Chrome instance, like at home and work (it syncs feed list, episode progress, player options and playlist)
* Integration with the Screen Shader extension (https://www.chajian5.com/screen-shader.html)

podStation Podcast Player v1.23.0