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谷歌浏览器插件一键视频下载器One-Click Video Downloader

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一键视频下载器One-Click Video Downloader是一款支持从任何网站下载视频的的插件,本站这类插件很多,可以站内搜索“下载”。

We are the simplest and fastest way to download videos from any website.
“One-Click Video Downloader” is a lightweight video download utility and is absolutely free and simple to use. This extension offers you an option to download videos from websites.
All you need is to click the extension icon and within seconds you will start to download video.

Why to install One-Click Video Downloader:
– Download any online video format such as flv video, mp4, avi, asf, mpeg and more.
– Build and download your video list of favourite videos to watch them at anytime.
– Easy, fast, safe and light!.
– You can download multiple videos simultaneously.
– You don’t need to watch the videos online, you can now download all to your computer!.

Due to restrictions of the Chrome Web store, download YouTube videos is not allowed.
One-Click Video Downloader is “NOT” YouTube vIdeo Downloader, do not install the item for this purpose.

Please note that One-Click Video Downloader isn’t responsible for media content which you download. We suggest you to first check the copyright permissions of the media before downloading any video.

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