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谷歌浏览器插件FastSave for Instagram 从ins上下载高清图 源视频

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FastSave for Instagram

FastSave for Instagram是一个Instagram辅助插件,方便从ins下载图片、视频。下载源视频、高清图片都可以。如果你是做自媒体、编辑工作,这个插件有一定的作用。

Download All Stories & Videos & Photos from Instagram Anonymously.
Wanna download videos and images from Instagram? It is simple now! FastSave extension – video & photo downloader. With this downloader, you can fast save any photo and video from Instagram. Just one click, FastSave will save your favorite photo and video to your PC or Mac. What’s more, it is 100% free for all user. You really should try this downloader tool.

✨Image photo save – Download high quality pictures that you like.
✨Video download – Download origin video.
✨Story download – Download Story anonymously.
✨Instant save – After you download, photos and videos will be quick saved to your PC or Mac automatically.

FastSave for Instagram v2.3