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谷歌浏览器插件Notifier for Github-Github 提醒桌面提醒

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Github 提醒桌面提醒插件,每分钟检查一次GitHub通知API,有新的通知消息在插件图标上显示数字,支持GitHub Enterprise,提供一个选项,仅显示您参与的问题的未读计数,确保在“选项”页中添加标记。

Displays your GitHub notifications unread count
It checks the GitHub Notifications API every minute. Supports GitHub Enterprise and an option to only show unread count for issues you’re participating in. Make sure to add a token in the Options page.

## Permissions

Both requested permissions are optional, so you can just decline if you don’t want it.

### Tabs permission

The first time you click on the extension icon, it will ask you for access to browser tabs. We need this to know if there is already an opened GitHub notifications page and switch to it if so.

### Notifications permission

If you want to receive desktop notifications, you can enable them on extension options page. You will then be asked for the notifications permission.

Notifier for Github v19.11.29.912


Notifier for Github v20.9.10