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谷歌浏览器插件MusicTV 音乐电视 从 YouTube ™ 和 Vevo ™ 获取热门歌曲视频

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MusicTV 这款插件是喜欢海外音乐网友的好工具,它可以从 YouTube ™ 和 Vevo ™ 获取热门歌曲,各种流行、 摇滚、 说唱、 嘻哈、 爵士和金属高清音乐录影带。

Watch top songs from YouTube™ and Vevo™. Pop, rock, rap, hip-hop, jazz and metal HD music videos. Watch and listen.
Vimu TV – watch free music videos. The music you love.

Simple navigation with play, mute, next song and fullscreen.

You can just listen to the music in a tab of your chrome browser and work on your google docs in another.
This web tv offers hundreds of songs from the major record labels.

Free HD music video streams from YouTube™ and Vevo™. You can select different channels like top hits, pop, rock, and rap. We plan to make music playlists for hip-hop, jazz and Metal videos.

Play quick and easy your favorite digital music videos and songs. The free music player allows you this. Just sit down and watch.

This app is powered by YouTube APIs. YouTube™ is a trademark of Google Inc. Vevo™ is a trademark of Vevo LLC.

MusicTV 音乐电视 v4.0