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谷歌浏览器插件Lustre 亚马逊产品比较、评论和价格分析

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Lustre 是一款亚马逊产品比较、评论和价格分析的插件,帮助你在亚马逊购物获得更好的参考意见。

Lustre instantly recommends the best products right on Amazon – USA Only
Stop wasting time searching endlessly.

With over 51M+ expert comparisons, reviews, and prices analyzed, Lustre helps you find products you’ll love.

• Instantly identify the best products by budget & features
• Feel confident with trusted reviews at your fingertips
• Save money by easily finding the lowest price and deals

* Currently available in the USA only
** By installing this Chrome extension, you agree to Lustre’s Terms & Conditions available at https://lustre.ai

Lustre v1.7.4