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谷歌浏览器插件Later – Save Images for Instagram将网页图片分享到Instagram

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Later 是一款保存图片到Instagram的图片辅助插件,方便将网页上有价值的照片保存到Later 媒体库中。


Find and save photos for Instagram from across the web using the Later Chrome Extension.
Save post-worthy photos to your Later media library—from anywhere on the web.

The Later Chrome extension helps you share the perfect social media content even faster. Just right click on any image and save directly to your Later media library. We import the page title and original url —so you’ll never forget who to credit.

Any media you save is accessible on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Using Adobe Spark? This extension is for you. Once you’ve created your image, hit “share” and choose Later as a source. Your file, along with any notes, will be added directly to your media library.

Haven’t got a Later account yet? Sign up for free at Later.com.

Later – Save Images for Instagram v1.0.2