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谷歌浏览器插件JWT Debugger 编码、验证和生成JWT

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JWT Debugger 是一款可以编码、验证和生成JWT的开发工具,官方提供了调试工具,我们可以很方便的看到JWT token各个组成部分解码后的信息,以及是否能验证成功。

The JWT.io debugger as a Web Extension
Do you find yourself going to the browser’s console to debug JWTs all the time? Then this extension is for you!

We took the functionality from our JWT.io website and embedded it within a Chrome extension with extra features!

NEW IN v3.0.0:
– Support for ES512
– Stricter key checking for ES algorithms.

NEW IN v2.1.0:
– Minimum length tooltip for HMAC secrets.
– Claim information tooltips.
– Support for plain RSA public keys (no X.509 header).

JWT Debugger v3.0.0