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谷歌浏览器插件Invite All Friends for Facebook™点击一下自动邀请所有朋友加入活动或页面

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Invite All Friends for Facebook™是一款Facebook辅助插件,只需点击一下,即可自动邀请所有朋友加入活动或页面。可以理解成,常见的“全选”功能。

Updated at 2019 for the newest Facebook Boxes.
Works with all new Facebook™ Invite boxes, updated at 2019.

The fastest and most reliable way to invite your friends to like Pages and Events.
We will help you grow your Pages and your Events

Don’t waste your time by clicking all your friends to invite them to Events or Pages.

Main Features:
• Updated to latest Facebook changes.
• Works for Events and Pages
• Works for Invites to Post’s Likes
• Autoscroll

We will help you click them all automatically!
It works with all Facebook recent changes to Invite Boxes.

Copyright note: Facebook™ is a registered trademark of Facebook Inc. This extension is neither endorsed by or affiliated with Facebook.

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