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谷歌浏览器插件Dark & Night Theme for Facebook™ 可定制的暗黑主题

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Dark & Night Theme for Facebook™ 可定制的Dark&Night主题,如果你经常上Facebook,那么可以玩玩这个插件。

Dark & Night Theme for Facebook™ allows you to change the Facebook™ theme to dark mode in just one click!
Tired of the boring Facebook™ theme? Want to protect your eyes with dark mode?
With our customizable extension, you can create your own theme with just a few simple clicks.

– 5 built-in dark themes mode
– Build you own theme
– Header Color/Header Text Color/Theme Color/Buttons Color and more…

Make Facebook Dark with Dark Theme & Night Theme for Facebook
It’s time to make Facebook dark and stylish!

Facebook™ is registered trademarks of Facebook Inc. This extension is neither endorsed by nor affiliated with Facebook™.

Dark & Night Theme for Facebook™ v1.1.4