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谷歌浏览器插件iMacros for Chrome 浏览器重复工作自动化插件 填表单 注册登录

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iMacros for Chrome 是一款浏览器自动化插件,帮你做一些重复性的工作,比如填表单,网站注册登录等等。它可以记录你的动作、操作。
Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work
Version 10.1.0 maintenance release

* Fixed: URL GOTO=javascript: no longer works
* Fixed: XPATH parameter of EVENT command does not work
* Fixed: EVAL returns an empty/null value when the final expression evaluates to 0 (it now correctly returns 0)
* Fixed: Referencing an invalid variable with PROMPT causes macro to hang
* Fixed: Newlines are not handled properly in PROMPT text
* Fixed: iimOpen(“-cr”, False) can only attach to an existing browser if it has not yet played any macro⚑
* Added support for -simpleui option when launching with the API (iimOpen)⚑
* Other minor fixes

Consistency enhancements:
* Macro variables are initialized to an empty string
* Specifying duplicate attribute values in the ATTR parameter of the TAG command results in an error
* !EXTRACT is cleared on each iteration when looping
* Extraction popup is not displayed by default when looping
* SET !EXTRACT_TEST_POPUP YES is no longer ignored when using the API (iimPlay)
* Sidebar is opened by default when launching with the API (iimOpen)

iMacros for Chrome v10.1.0