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谷歌浏览器插件Healthy Browsing 提醒你喝水 眨眼 伸展身体的插件

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Healthy Browsing这个插件是一个健康辅助插件,说是健康辅助,还不如说是唠叨机器,主要功能是提醒你喝水,眨眼,纠正你的姿势、提醒伸展一下身体,长期对着电脑的朋友们一定要试试这个插件。

Reminders to drink water, blink, correct your posture and stretch for a healthier browsing.
When browsing we often forget to blink as often as our eyes need it. We forget to drink water and we also sit in a fixed and wrong position for a long period of time. This extension notifies you to blink, drink water, correct your posture and stretch.

If you use the computer for the entire day and follow the reminders you will feel your eyes less tired, you will be better hydrated and you won’t feel any numbness.

Recommended settings:
Drink reminder – 45 minutes
Blink reminder – 20 minutes
Stretch reminder – 90 minutes
Posture reminder – 20 minutes

Healthy Browsing v1.1