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谷歌浏览器插件GoodPlan Notes 每日智能便笺

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Daily smart notes
GoodPlan is your digital smart notebook with a nice design and daily pages.

With GoodPlan your thoughts, notes, todo and even Google Calendar events are just one click away. You can also track your daily progress and go back and forth between pages.

* Quick access to your notes via the GoodPlan icon
* Smart popup notes
* Your notes separated by days
* Two columns for daily and permanent notes in a single place
* Weekly view to see your notes from the entire week
* Rich editor for best formatting
* ToDos to stay organized
* Google Calendar integration
* Sticky calendar for fast navigation between dates
* Full-page editor
* Weather updates
* Beautiful and minimal interface
* Daily facts and tips to keep you informed
* 3D animation
* Simple, instant and FREE

GoodPlan笔记 v1.3.1


GoodPlan笔记 v1.4.3