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谷歌浏览器插件Feedly Mini 将新闻、各大报纸订阅集成在一起

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Feedly Mini 是一款可以将各大报纸新闻、博客、网站的订阅集成在一起的插件,很方便的一个老牌软件。

Easily add content to your Feedly while browsing
One million Feedly users rely on Feedly Mini to quickly add new sources to their feeds and save essential articles to their boards.

Saving insightful articles to your boards allows you to share and shine with your team and train Leo. The more articles you save to a board, the greater the accuracy of Leo’s like board priorities.

We are excited to announce a new version of the Feedly Mini Chrome browser extension that makes following sources and saving articles even easier.

In version 50, if you have access to the annotation features, you will be able to add a note to the article you are saving to your boards.

Feedly Mini v50


Feedly Mini v53.0.0.0