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谷歌浏览器插件DataMask 可以编辑打马赛克改变截图文件大小的截图插件

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DataMask 是一款截图插件,可以对截图进行绘制、编辑,还可以减小屏幕截图文件大小。对截图导出格式可选 PNG/JPEG/WEBP,是一款好用的插件。

Mask sensitive data in screenshots. Take full page screenshots and export to PNG/JPEG/WEBP using online screenshot editor
DataMask extension helps to blur images, scramble text and take website screenshots. DataMask opens screenshots in online editor by default where additional editing can be performed: draw, text blackout and reduce screenshot file size.

DataMask is great fit for personal, support and editorial use. DataMask can help to make screenshots for news articles, video reports, graphic assets and support tickets.

Free features: auto scramble all text and images on a website, take website viewport screenshot
Paid features: edit website text, irreversible blur (blur+), hide parts of a website, take HTML element screenshots and freely draw blur rectangles

You can try Pro features with a 7 day free trial by logging in with your Google account.

DataMask v1.5.0