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谷歌浏览器插件Custom Cursors 自定义鼠标光标的插件

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Custom Cursors跟我们之前推荐的插件《Cute Cursors 在Chrome浏览器页面上自定义鼠标光标图案》和《Chrome™酷光标 Cool Cursors》类似,可以替换电脑的光标,属于个性一类的插件。

Replaces default cursor with something cute, funny and trendy. Change the usual mouse pointer to an amazing custom cursor.
It’s such a cute and pink custom cursor for Chrome. Show your individuality with bright and gorgeous mouse pointer on every webpage. Forget about the boring and simple cursor that many years appears on the display. Now you are able to change your mouse pointer to something pink and cute ;)

Four the most lovely items have been created to set as a cursor for web pages. Choose from the next custom mouse pointers:

– Pinky arrow cursor
– Lipstick
– Rose
– Princess Pony
– and even more…

Custom Cursors v2.0.2