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谷歌浏览器插件Chrome Better History查看浏览器历史记录,支持跳转时间日期

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Chrome Better History是一款专门查看Chrome浏览器历史记录的插件,Chrome Better History比Chrome默认的历史记录查看更好用。

Chrome Better History replaces Chrome’s history viewer with a more simple view. You can navigate directly while using the calendar or just scroll down to load your history day by day.

This is *not* the same extension as “Better History” (by a different publisher). This extension is guaranteed without spyware…
Visit : https://github.com/dragonofmercy/Chrome-Better-History

Since version 3, an extension button is visible on your extension bar, which allow to you to view the last 10 entries in your history.

Chrome Better History v3.50