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谷歌浏览器插件BionicReading 仿生学阅读

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BionicReading 是一款改善阅读体验的插件,仿生阅读是一种通过人工注视点引导眼睛通过文本,促进阅读过程的新方法。因此,读者只关注突出的首字母,让大脑中心完成单词。在以浅显形式阅读为主的数字世界中,仿生阅读旨在鼓励人们更深入地阅读和理解书面内容。

Bionic Reading®
A higher dimension of reading.

Naturally focused reading.
Bionic Reading wants to revolutionize reading. Our mission is: “A higher dimension of reading.” The eye is guided through text much more effectively with the aid of typographic highlights — thus creating a completely new reading experience. The Bionic Reading technology is characterized by a specific interaction of the parameters “Fixation”, “Saccade” and “Markup”. More focus. Less distraction. More reading pleasure.

Utilize Bionic Reading.
The uploaded text is initially displayed as plain text in your browser window. Now you have the option to choose your optimal Bionic Reading mode. Here you can set the functions “Font”, “Fixation” and “Saccade” according to your individual needs.
With the additional functions “Column”, “Line height”, “Letter spacing” and “Font size” you further refine your reading mode until you get the desired typeface.

The plugin can be applied to any website and offers two reading modes. Currently, Bionic Reading is still available as a beta version. If you like the plugin, we would be happy about a 5***** rating. Thank you for your support and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

BionicReading v2.2.7