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谷歌浏览器插件Baby Mode居家办公带娃可用的宝宝模式

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Baby Mode是一款适合居家办公SOHO一族的娱乐插件,宝宝模式这款插件的工作原理是禁用键盘并添加声音;字母发音、动物、鼓套等,以帮助宝宝学习。


Happy Baby, Happy Browsing
Baby Mode makes your browser baby friendly by allowing you to work and your baby to stay engaged.

Baby Mode works by disabling your keyboard (but not your mouse) and adding sounds; letter pronunciation, animal, drum set, etc, to help your baby learn. You will be able to relax and get work done as your baby types on your keyboard.

Baby Mode can also work with cats or any other unwanted distractions you want away from your keyboard

Baby Mode v1.63


Baby Mode v2.1.0.0