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谷歌浏览器插件Auto Refresh Plus | Page Monitor 网页监控 自动刷新页面

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Auto Refresh Plus

Auto Refresh Plus是一款更智能一些的自动刷新插件,可以使用强大的网页监控功能自动刷新页面。

Auto Refresh Plus comes in handy to any users that needs to easily perform automatic web page refresh at certain times. Its also provides content detection support, which is indeed very useful when you need to find content included in a dynamic web page.

Key Features

1. Default Time Interval:
This feature allows you to set the default time for every page refresh. You can select either the pre-defined time intervals or provide your own custom time interval.

2. Random Interval:
Using this feature, you can randomize the time interval of page refreshes. Simply select a minimum and a maximum range of time and it will automatically refresh pages on any random time interval in between those ranges.

3. Auto start URLs:
These are a set of URL’s that ARP will start to refresh automatically as soon as they’re opened by the user in the browser. You can add one or multiple URL’s.

4. Refresh Predefined Page:
Using this feature, you can refresh a webpage without opening it yourself. Once you put a URL in this feature, it will automatically open the URLs on browser restart and start refreshing them on the default time interval.

5. Refresh Predefined Text:
This feature starts refreshing a webpage as soon as some specific text is found on it. To use it, simply insert one or multiple keywords in it on the settings page. As soon as this text appears on a webpage, ARP will start refreshing it automatically with the default time interval.

6. Countdown Timer:
You can use the countdown timer if you want to refresh a specific page after a certain amount of time has passed. Simply enable and set the timer, a countdown will begin and as soon as the countdown hits zero, ARP will start refreshing the page with the default time interval.

7. Page Monitor:
This powerful feature allows you to monitor a webpage and look for any changes in it. It can be used in two ways
– Finding out if some specific text has appeared on the webpage
– Finding out if some specific text has disappeared from the webpage

Auto Refresh Plus v7.4.5


Auto Refresh Plus v7.4.9.0


Auto Refresh Plus v7.5.0.0