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谷歌浏览器插件Auto Refresh by dinaancevcenko简单的网页自动刷新插件

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Auto Refresh是一款方便网页自动刷新重新加载的插件,有5秒、15秒、30秒、1分钟…… 的选择可直接选择。







为了区别开之前推荐的插件《Auto Refresh 网页自动刷新》,此插件加入了开发者名称dinaancevcenko区别。

The extension helps you automatically reload selected webpages
You won`t find a better auto-refresh –reload application for every website. Super Auto Refresh Plus allows to refresh and reload web sites automatically. How is that? Just check this out! This new Super Auto Refresh Plus extension will automatically reload and refresh any website you need in certain time interval selected by you. Just one simple click and done! Install and you`ll see great improvement.
There are such features like:
Extension automatically remembers your previous auto refresh and reload settings;
It automatically starts to work every time you start Chrome Browser;
You can make a hard reload on every website and bypass local cache while refreshing and reloading with Ctrl+F5 combination;
Allows you to auto refresh and reload current page or website just by right-clicking context menu;
App shows how much of the selected time has passed (real-time countdown timer)
Install and improve your browsing!

Auto Refresh dinaancevcenko v1.0