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谷歌浏览器插件Aperture – 简单的屏幕录制工具

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Aperture 是一款屏幕录制工具。
Simple Screen Video Recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and save videos in one click!
Aperture – Simple Screen Video Recorder for Chrome.

🎥 Record as long as you want
✪ Full-screen or browser tab video with system audio
✪ Configure quality on preferences page
✪ Use your microphone’s audio

✄ Use simple editor
✪ Trim video instantly
✪ Make snapshots from your video

🌩️ Export
✪ Choose format: .webm or .mp4
✪ Save videos locally or in Cloud and share with anyone you want

🖼️ Make screenshots of entire page
1. Open browser context menu (by right-click) and click on “Aperture – Capture screenshot”.
2. Screenshot will be saved to storage and Cloud automatically.
3. Open Aperture options page (right-click on Aperture’s icon) and download screenshot or copy link to it.

🚀 How it works
1. Click on blue Aperture icon choose “Your Entire Screen”, “Application Window” or “Chrome Tab” and click “Share”.
2. You’ll se red Aperture icon – recording started.
3. You can pause recording: open browser context menu (by right-click) and click on “Pause recording”. To resume recording open context menu again and click “Resume recording”.
4. To stop recording click on red Aperture icon – editor page with your video will be opened.

🗣️ Share your feedback
✪ If you want to see some specific feature or leave feedback – please do not hesitate to use Reviews section.

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