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谷歌浏览器插件Web for TikTok 在电脑上使用抖音国际版TikTok

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Web for TikTok这个插件是为了方便你在电脑浏览器上使用抖音国际版TikTok ,之前推荐过《Web for TikTok™ 》,两个名字几乎相同,这个由oinkandstuff开发。

Browse and download your favorite videos on TikTok. Upload videos, coment, follow your favorite tiktokers on your computer.
Access to TikTok 📷 just like you where in your smartphone 📱
No more need to use your smartphone to chat 💬 your friends or share some videos.
Very Low CPU/RAM/Bandwidth consumption 📌
You can also send Emojis 💩😂😍 take window screenshots or navigate in Incognito Mode so that other users don’t spy on your screen 👿

★ Login on TikTok with your Facebook account or username/password 😍
★ Post videos from your computer 💻 to TikTok.
★ Take screenshots of the windows automatically 😀
★ Watch your friends tiktokers and create groups 📷
★ Upload videos to your friends 💾
★ Share Emojis in conversations 📺🧡🍉
★ Incognito Mode 👑 allows to obfuscate the screen so that others don’t spy on your screen 💣
✔ Small window well positioned.
✔ Auto-Start when Google Chrome™ starts 💻
✔ Configurations in a Options 🔧 section.
✔ HTTPS and over TikTok platform for maximum security 🔑 No share of credentials to third party 🔓

Web for TikTok v1.0