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谷歌浏览器插件Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome Shopify 模板主题调试工具

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Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome 是一款Shopify 模板主题调试工具,适合做Shopify 模板主题的开发者,也适合有网页基础的shopify使用者作为项目网页调试工具。做shopify的话还推荐:Shopify Inspector – Inspect Shopify Shops检测Shopify店铺的插件 .

Profile and debug Liquid template on your Shopify store

Shopify themes are fast out of the box, but Liquid changes made afterwards can cause slowdowns. Shopify Theme Inspector for Chrome helps identify Liquid changes that are slowing your site down by providing a visualization of Liquid render profiling data, and giving you the means to triage the slowest parts of your Shopify theme.

Shopify Theme Inspector v1.0.4


Shopify Theme Inspector v2.0.0


Shopify Theme Inspector v2.0.4.0