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谷歌浏览器插件Set Character Encoding 右键菜单中设置网页的字符编码

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Set Character Encoding 是一款好用的效率工具,当页面因为字符编码问题出现乱码的时候,只要使用右键单击网页上的某个位置可在菜单中手动设置字符编码。

Provide right-click menu to manually set character encoding for web pages.
Right-click at somewhere on web page to manually set character encoding. The selected character set will automatically apply to all pages on the same site. Select “Use page default” to cancel it. This extension modifies http response headers to override original character set, so when installing Chrome will say “it can read and change all your data on the websites you visit”. Just let it go because that is exactly how it works.
Starting from V0.4, it supports changing encoding of local files, but you need check ‘Allow access to file URLs’ in extension manage page.
Starting from Chrome 72, old versions will stop working because new Chrome requires extensions to request for extra permission to modify response header. Please use V0.51 or later.
To anybody who reports “not working”, please share the URL of the page that is not working. We will try our best to make it work for you.

Set Character Encoding v0.51